Nine surprising things about forgiveness

By Dave Henning / July 2, 2014

In Chapter 9 of The Wall Around Your Heart, author Mary DeMuth delves further into forgiveness, discussing nine surprising things about forgiveness.  Today the first three facets of forgiveness are presented.

1.  Forgiveness makes you act counterculturally- as Mary describes, “to bless instead of curse, to rest instead of retaliate, to keep walking instead of fighting.”  The author observes that all of life is a gift, whether we’re happy or upset about our present circumstances.  Forgiveness enables us to live the opposite of what people expect.  When we acknowledge God’s sovereignty, we hold our lives loosely and give people the grace God gives us.

2.  Forgiveness comes when you fast from turmoil.  Forgiveness can be difficult when we’re stuck knee-deep in the mud of our pain and keep getting reinjured.  Mary suggests that, when it is possible, we remove ourselves from our painful situation in order to forgive and heal.  We need to voluntarily write ourselves out of the story, to fast from any contact with our painful situation, thus making a clean break.

3.  Forgiveness helps you regain positive memories.  Dwelling on negative memories dwarfs our sweeter memories, delaying our healing.  The author states that we know we’re healing by the number of positive memories that resurface.  As we embrace a lifestyle of forgiveness, healing and positive memories are ushered in.

Today’s question: What have you found to be most effective in helping you fast from the pain of your vocation loss?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Forgiveness- Part 2”

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