A Mighty Fortress

By Dave Henning / July 5, 2014

Mary DeMuth begins Chapter 10 (“And Don’t Let us Yield to Temptation: Dare to Engage Anyway”) of The Wall Around Your Heart by reminding us that when someone hurts us, we’re tempted to build an impenetrable fortress around our hearts in an attempt to protect ourselves from further pain.  The unintended result, however, is isolation.

Mary notes that in our devastation we give in to panic or protectionism.  We’re tempted either to believe the worst or give up altogether.  Our energy is spent building our case- defending ourselves.  We hastily jump to conclusions.  We don’t need to yield to fear, for God always is there, calling us to His side.  The author then discusses five temptations to avoid.  The first two are presented today.

1.  The temptation to fear.  Fear is a choice.  We can give in to panic, or in faith give that fear to Jesus and ask for His help.  Letting fear reign is giving in to temptation.

2.  The temptation to believe the first story you hear.  The author asserts that when we walk through hurt, we base our response on the first thing we hear.  We also feel an obligation to spread our story because we want to be right, to appear to be the ones who were wronged or victimized.  To become mature believers growing beyond the pain others inflict, we need to exercise discernment.

Today’s question: Following your vocation loss, how did you build a fortress around your heart?  Please share.

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