Escaping Satan’s relational traps

By Dave Henning / July 8, 2014

Author Mary DeMuth continues Chapter 10 of The Wall Around Your Heart by listing and discussing ten ways we joyfully can escape Satan’s relational traps.  The first five are presented today.

1.  Let go of busyness.  Satan dangles overactivity in front of us as a tempting way to avoid dealing with our pain,  Mary states that we can avoid this trap by choosing Sabbath and building some margin into our lives.

2.  Make room for possible fake Christians.  Be open to the possibility that those who hurt you may not truly follow Christ.  If that is the case, they most likely won’t act in a Christian manner.  By offering grace to those who hurt you, this trap is escaped.

3.  Calm yourself.  When we overreact, the author notes, we amplify the initial sin.  In our pessimistic, quick-to-blame culture, calming ourselves isn’t an easy discipline to cultivate.  When we’re tempted to overreact, Mary asserts that the best solution is to keep our mouths shut.

4.  Find others.  Mary states that Satan knows we grow best in community.  Satan will do everything he can to undermine our desire to stay in community.  Community is necessary for growth.

5.  Don’t give up.  We’re most tempted to give up when we rely on our own strength rather than Jesus.  We can’t see God’s healing path or discern His new plan for our lives.  As a friend of Mary’s recently tweeted:

“I’ve heard it said that in walking through grief, you don’t realize you are turning a corner toward healing until after you’ve rounded the bend.”

Today’s question: Which of the first five ways to escape Satan’s relational traps are most meaningful to you?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Escaping Satan’s relational traps- Part 2”

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