Lazy grace?

By Dave Henning / August 7, 2014

Tullian Tchividjian begins Chapter 9 (“Objections to One-Way Love) of One Way Love by asking this question: “Does grace make you look lazy?”  In all honesty, states, the initial application of grace inspires sighs of relief and extended breathers that make it appear we’re doing nothing- lazy grace.

However, in the long run grace has the potential to empower us to take risks and love our neighbors.  Pastor Tchividjian asserts that what most prevents us from taking great risks is the fear that if we’re not successful, we’ll lose out on something we believe we need in order to be happy.

The author reminds us that because everything we need we already posses in Christ, the what-if has been taken out of the equation.  We can take risks, and enjoy ourselves while doing so.  Only the Gospel liberates us to live generous, sacrificial, and courageous lives, as Pastor Tchividjian explains:

“This is the difference between approaching all of life from salvation and approaching all of life for salvation; it’s the difference between approaching life from our acceptance and not for our acceptance; from love, not for love.  The acceptance letter has arrived, and it cannot be rescinded, thank God.”

Today’s question: How has God’s grace empowered you to revision and revitalize your calling?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Tasting His grace”

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