The anointing

By Dave Henning / August 29, 2014

As Mark Batterson concludes Chapter 6 of All In, he notes that the prophet Elisha came from wealth, as evidenced by his ownership of twelve yoke of oxen.  That meant Elisha was divesting himself of his share of the family when he burned his plowing equipment.  Elisha was all in.

Unlike Elisha, we tend to hedge our bets.  And Elisha didn’t stop there- he asked for a double portion of Elijah’s anointing.  Pastor Batterson believes that what gave Elisha the holy boldness to ask for a double portion was the simple fact that Elisha withheld nothing from God.  Furthermore, if we give all of ourselves to God, we can ask and expect that God will give all of Himself to us.

The author offers his definition of God’s anointing:

“The anointing is the difference between what you can do and what God can do.  It’s the place where the power of God and the favor of God intersect.  It’s the difference between the natural and the supernatural.  It’s the difference between the temporal and the eternal.  It’s the difference between success and failure.”

So how do we receive this anointing?  Mark emphasizes that we need to start at the bottom.  By doing the job no one wants we just may get the job everyone wants.  As Mark concludes, “in God’s upside-down kingdom, a step down is a step up. . . . if we have the courage to burn the ships, God will part the river.”

Today’s question: How have you been intentional in seeking God’s anointing on your revisioned and revitalized calling?  Please share.

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