Bearing fruit

By Dave Henning / September 14, 2014

Mark Batterson begins Chapter 13 (“Throw Down Your Staff”) of All In with the observation that sometimes going all in feels like it’s all for nothing.  But nothing is over until God declares that it’s over.  And in the kingdom of God, failure is never final.  Yes, when we go all in and all out for Christ we will experience setbacks along the way.  Yet, Pastor Batterson encourages us:

” . . . when you have a setback, you do not take a step back, because God is already preparing you for a comeback.”

Our job is to plan and water the seeds.  To us it may look like a wasted effort.  However, we never know when one of those seed will take root and begin bearing  fruit beyond belief.  We can’t ever underestimate the ripple effect of one obedient act.  It’s never all for nothing.

At the age of eighty, Moses certainly felt like a lost cause.  After killing an Egyptian in a fit of rage when he was forty, Moses had been put out to pasture in the desert for the next forty years.  It was parole with a purpose.  No one knew palace protocol like Moses- that’s where he grew up.  After tending sheep for forty years, he knew the ways of the wilderness.  Moses was uniquely prepared to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.  HIs life was now bearing fruit in ways he never anticipated or imagined.  The crucifixion of his dream ultimately lead to its resurrection!

Today’s question: How might the crucifixion of your ministry or vocation lead to its resurrection?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Your burning bush”

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