Protective instinct

By Dave Henning / September 19, 2014

As Mark Batterson continues Chapter 14 of All In, he tells a story of the time his family vacationed at a friend’s home that was nestled in a densely wooded area.  They were warned about brown bears in the area that would show up looking for food.  One evening, while Mark was soaking in the outdoor hot tub with his sons, his protective instinct took over and he told them he would die for them if a bear came out of the woods and attacked.  The boys ran screaming into the house!

Pastor Batterson notes that our heavenly Father’s protective instinct toward us is exemplified in the cross.  It is His way of saying that we’re worth dying for.  The author comments on what happens when we truly grasp God’s love for us:

“When that life-giving truth penetrates into the deepest place in your heart, it transforms how you think, feel, and live.  Perfect love casts out all fear.  You become fearless even when you are defenseless.”

Pastor Batterson adds that we must flip the coin and ask: “Is He worth dying for?”  Going all in with Christ is both a death sentence and a life sentence.  We must die to our sinful nature, especially those negative thoughts that surface regarding our ministry downsizing or vocation loss.  Mark comments on what happens when our sinful nature is nailed to the cross:

“Then, and only then, does your true personality, your true potential, and your true purpose come alive.  After all, God cannot resurrect what has not died.”

Today’s question: What does the life-giving truth of Jesus’ suffering and death mean to you?  Please share.

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