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By Dave Henning / September 30, 2014

In Chapter 2 (“Living in the Great Story”) of Missing Jesus, authors Charles and Janet Morris note that Charles Dickens used to release his novels chapter by chapter.  Each chapter functioned as a small magazine.  When  the last chapter was released, people would bind them together as a book.

Charles and Janet add that Dickens admitted he didn’t always know how his stories would end or where they were going.  How blessed we are that God always knows where His story ( as well as our story) is going.  It’s all about Jesus!

The authors emphasize that it is so easy to miss the meaning of the story.  And when we do, or the circumstances surrounding our ministry downsizing or vocation loss erect walls around our hearts, our hearts grow cold.  When we make the Bible all about us, rather than all about Jesus, we slump.  Yet, as Charles and Janet observe, with every failure of the people in the Bible, God makes His promises bigger and richer, fostering our trust in His faithfulness.

Ultimately, the authors point out, there are only two stories- God’s or the enemy’s.  God’s story brings life and truth.  The enemy’s story is a lie and brings death.  C. S. Lewis believed the “all about me” lie until he came to faith in Christ.  He stated:

“It is our painful duty as Christians to wake the world from this enchantment.”

Today’s question: What specific “all about me” attitude(s) surfaced following your vocation loss?  Please share.

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