Truth, or consequences?

By Dave Henning / November 1, 2014

Kyle Idleman continues his discussion of minimization in Chapter 9 of AHA by highlighting three phrases we often tell ourselves when we minimize the reality of a situation.

1.  I’m just having fun.  Pastor Idleman notes that this is a favorite saying of those in the Distant Country.  We rationalize that as long as we’re having fun (or vengeance) and not physically/ emotionally hurting anyone, it’s fine.  As a pastor, Kyle has discovered that people often blow off warnings by making light of the consequences.  The problem is, we don’t realize that our behavior always leads somewhere.  The author concludes: ‘The journey to the pigpen almost always starts when we minimize our sin.”

2.  Things will get better.  An alternative way to phrase this statement is : “I’m sure things can’t get any worse than this.”  The problem here is that as things spiral farther down, brutal honesty is necessary.  The reality is that things never have been worse.

3.  It’s not that big a deal.  Pastor Idleman states this is a phrase he’s often heard when someone is confronted about the choices they’re making.  When we spend too much time in the Distant Country, we don’t realize how bad things are because we start to compare ourselves to the people around us.  Our perspective becomes warped.  Perhaps because of its familiarity, the Word of God becomes minimized.  In other words, “familiarity breeds indifference”.  Ultimately, we must face either the truth, or consequences.

Today’s question: Which of these three phrases rings true for you?  Please share.

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