Hurry up and wait

By Dave Henning / November 9, 2014

In Chapter 11 (“Procrastination- I’ll Get Back to It Later”) of AHA, Kyle Idleman notes that if we tell ourselves “I’ll get to it later” often enough, the urgency to act evaporates and our procrastination has consequences.  The Prodigal Son’s action, by contrast, was immediate.  Pastor Idleman states that it is best to understand Luke 15:17-20 as one movement, a continuation.  The Prodigal Son said what he was going to do, then immediately got up and did it.

The author points out that after we have an awakening, we tend to remain in the pigpen trying to dome up with a plan- or at least promising ourselves we will do so.  We hurry up and wait.  But through out procrastination, we play right into Satan’s hands.  Satan uses procrastination so effectively because we actually believe we’ve done something , even though we’re still sitting in the pigpen.  We feel we’ve been let off the hook.  After all, we’re not saying “No”- we’re just saying “Not right now.”

Pastor Idleman then describes three reasons why we tend to procrastinate.  The first reason is discussed today.

1.  We want to put off the pain.  Most of us don’t want to act because we don’t want the pain.  The Prodigal Son knew his return home would be painful, shaming, and difficult.  But waiting wouldn’t make things any easier.  The longer we put off action, the more difficult it becomes to act.

Today’s question (from Kyle): What are areas in your life where you procrastinate?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Here and now”

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