Earnest prayer

By Dave Henning / January 7, 2015

“Prayer is a means to energy.  Spiritual alertness, vigor, and confidence are the regular spin-off from earnest prayer on any subject.”- J. I. Packer, Knowing Christianity

Timothy Keller continues Chapter 9 of Prayer by discussing three touchstones clustered under the title “What Prayer Gives”.  Prayer gives us:

7.  Perspective- prayer reorients your view toward God.  By putting God back into the picture, prayer brings a new perspective to our situation.  As Pastor Keller illustrates, it’s like getting to a higher elevation where we can see the terrain we’re traversing as a whole.  Merely addressing God verbally almost immediately forces us to think differently about our needs and concerns.

8.  Strength- prayer as spiritual union with God.  Pastor Keller emphasizes that all the benefits of Christ’s salvation “that have been objectively secured for us must be personally appropriated for daily life.”  Prayer is one way to make this happen.  The author concludes:

“Prayer is the way that all the things we believe in and that Christ won for us actually become our strength.  Prayer is the way truth is worked into your heart . . .”

9.  Spiritual reality- prayer seeks a heart sense of the presence of God.  Through prayer God becomes real rather than somewhat abstract.  As we meditate on God’s truths, our heart’s affections are stirred and we begin to desire God’s presence and reality.

Today’s question: How has prayer given you a new perspective on your ministry downsizing or vocation loss? Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Where prayer takes us”

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