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By Dave Henning / March 1, 2015

John Ortberg expands on his concept of “The Soul Experiment” as he concludes Chapter 10 of Soul Keeping.  When scientists conduct an experiment, John notes, they formulate a hypothesis concerning the anticipated results.  John then presents three assumptions, or hypotheses, to put The Soul Experiment to the test.

1.  God wants to make every moment of my life glorious with his presence.  Pastor Ortberg emphasizes that this is the core of the “with God” life: “He wants to fill our souls with beauty, splendor, wonder, and magnificence.”  God wants us to focus and abide in Him.

2.  The best place to start doing life with God is in the small moments.  “Easter” moments, John acknowledges, are few and far between.  That’s why we must be intentional in looking for God in the ordinary moments of daily life.  We need to be cognizant of God’s still, small voice.

3.  People will look different when I see them with God.  Because we have to live and interact with people, they are a major part of the “with God” life.  If we see others as being with God, that changes how we respond to them.

Pastor Ortberg concludes:

“Your soul will never find rest unless it finds its home.  We find it in the simple discipline of asking ourselves, ‘Is God here in this moment?’ ”

Today’s question: Which of Pastor Ortberg’s hypotheses best addresses your current situation?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “My yoke is easy”


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