The foundation of walls

By Dave Henning / March 25, 2015

Today Sara Horn continues her discussion of five potential white N-O-I-S-Es in our life, covering the remaining four noises.

2.  Other people’s opinions.  Sara points out that, as much as we value our own opinions, we want to know what others think.  The problem arises when we don’t like those opinions or we’re unsure what to do with them when they don’t integrate with ours.

We also run into difficulty when we accept other people’s opinions as truth rather than as thoughts we have a choice to accept or dismiss.  That establishes the foundation of walls God doesn’t want in our lives.

3.  Inconsiderate friends and family.  Due to the nature of family relationships, family members may say things to us they would never say to a friend, fellow church member, or a stranger.  We must be careful that such slights or undeserved remarks don’t stay with us, creating a low hum that always is in the background.

4.  Stingers.  These are words said to you as a child that you’ve never forgotten.  They are the harshest of the white noise and the genesis of a deep-rooted resentment you are unaware of because you’ve lived with it for so long.

5.  Elevated problem.  This is a combination of other noises.  Because the hurtful comments or ongoing conflict grow quickly and the pressure of this noise feels enormous and constant, it feels impossible to let go.

Today’s question: Which white noise or noises has drowned out the sound the Lord wants you to hear?  Please share.

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