Ready to be offered

By Dave Henning / April 3, 2015

“We cannot see God’s plan when we can see only our pain.”- Sara Horn

Sara Horn concludes Chapter 2 of How Can I Possibly Forgive? by stating that when Joseph chose to let go of the difficult circumstances that brought him to Egypt, he was able to see God’s plan.  Joseph grabbed on and trusted God with everything he had.

When we are intentional in our focus on what God wants with us and how He wants to use us, we don’t worry so much about what offends us or how small slights or hurtful words affect us.  Oswald Chambers writes in My Utmost for His Highest about painting a picture of ourselves on the altar, which means:

” . . . burning and purification and insulation for one purpose only, the destruction of every affinity that God has not started and of every attachment that is not an attachment in God.  You do not destroy it, God does. . . . After this way of fire, there is nothing that oppresses or depresses.  When the crisis arises you realize things cannot touch you as they used to do.”

As we come to believe this and trust that God has us in His hand and is with us, we can wake up each day “ready to be offered.”

Today’s question: What defines your thinking at this time, God’s plan or your plan?  Please share.

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