Venting versus talking

By Dave Henning / April 11, 2015

In Chapter 5 of How Can I Possibly Forgive?, Sara Horn differentiates between venting versus talking.  Because Sara has seen more hurt than help happen when people vent, she is convinced that venting doesn’t do us any long-term good.  While we think of venting as a way to relieve strong emotions, Sara prefers the appliance company definition: “It’s a way to get rid of a whole bunch of hot air.”

Talking is a much better alternative.  We have to think before we talk.  The process of forgiveness flows more smoothly when emotions aren’t at a fever pitch.  We are more receptive to initiating the process in our heart.  Sara explains why this is important:

“When we’re not willing to ask forgiveness from others, we will be less willing to offer forgiveness.  When we aren’t willing to forgive others, we have a harder time understanding God’s forgiveness and his grace toward us.  That understanding helps us realize the importance of depending on him instead of depending on ourselves.”

Sara stresses that when we have a relationship with Jesus, we are not left to rely on our own resources to deal with difficult situations or circumstances.  The Holy Spirit is our resource for wisdom when we need it.  However, in order to heed the Spirit’s voice, we must be willing to listen for it.  It is only through God’s help and grace that we can see His righteousness in our hearts and lives.

Today’s question: What Bible verses have strengthened your thoughtful response to difficult situations or circumstances?  Please share.

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