Faithfulness and favor

By Dave Henning / April 23, 2015

“The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and rich in faithful love.”- Psalm 103:8

“The one who searches for what is good finds favor, but if someone looks for trouble, it will come to him.”- Proverbs 11:27

Sara Horn concludes Chapter 8 of How Can I Possibly Forgive? by encouraging us to remember God’s faithfulness and favor when we are having trouble forgiving ourselves.  As we are intentional in reflecting on the many seasons of our life where we have seen God’s fingerprints touching and surrounding us, we can be confident that God will continue to strengthen us on our transformational journey in the Land Between.

God not only uses difficult moments in our life for teaching and correction, but He also uses these moments as a reminder that life simply is better when we put Him first.  Our thoughts and feelings help us move in one of two ways: they either help us move forward or they hold us in place.  What we think has a direct impact on how we feel.  When we sense that our feelings are holding us back, we need to concentrate on the good things about God and the good things in our life.

Today’s question: As you reflect on the various seasons in your life, what specific examples of God’s faithfulness and favor come to mind?  Please share.

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