The secret to forgiveness

By Dave Henning / April 28, 2015

In Chapter 10 (“Where Love Finds You”), the concluding chapter of How Can I Possibly Forgive?, Sara Horn states that the day-to-day bitterness and resentment many of us struggle with can be broken down to our basic need for love.  Furthermore, we struggle most with our hurt when we look to everyone and everything else for love, rather than relying on the only true source- Jesus.  Sara then reveals the secret to forgiveness:

“This is the secret to forgiveness.  When we feel filled up to the brim with God’s love, grace, and mercy, these things also pour out of us, and we can let go of the junk because there’s no room for it anyway- we’re already full of his love.”

Sara adds that when we love God and reflect on His love for us, we are so enveloped by God’s love that it is not a struggle to forgive someone else.  It is a joy.  One way or the other, we reflect to others the nature of our relationship with Christ.  Not only do we reflect what God’s love looks like to us, but what God’s love looks like in us.

Sara encourages us to be intentional in showing love to other people on a daily basis.  But to extend that love to that person who annoys us or hurt us, we must show intensional love- love with intensity.  Sara concludes:

“There is no sweeter sound than the exhale of release.  Forgiveness is possible when we give it all to God.”

Today’s question: How has Sara’s book deepened your understanding of forgiveness?  Please share.

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