Strongholds in our lives

By Dave Henning / May 13, 2015

In Chapter 3 of Waiting on God, Charles Stanley builds on God’s testing of Abraham by asking the following question: Who or what is on the throne of your heart?  Idolatry is a stronghold that stealthily slips into our lives.  We may not even be aware it has taken hold.  Dr. Stanley asks three questions to help us determine if idolatry is a problem:

a.  Even though God has instructed you to trust Him, do you spend your time and energy trying to figure out what will happen?

b.  Although you have the Father’s assurance He’s making a way for you, are you frustrated and disheartened by your circumstances?

c.  Do you lash out at God in anger when a particular option is closed to you?

Dr. Stanley then gives three reasons why it is difficult for believers to admit their idolatry.

1.  We want to believe we’re good enough to merit our salvation and the blessing God gives us.  Confessing there are strongholds in our lives would be to admit our imperfection.  Out of pride, we want to measure up to what Jesus expects of us.

2.  We realize that admitting we have strongholds means acknowledging we have to change.  We’re afraid to allow the Lord to transform our lives because we’d have to give up longstanding patterns and behaviors.  We’d rather live the same defeated status quo than experience God’s extraordinary plan for our lives.

3.  We are trying to meet a need only God can fulfill.  The object or person we want represents more to us than what they actually are.  For example, we try to find our identity in our profession rather than in Christ.

Today’s question: Who or what is a stronghold in your life?  Please share.

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