Conditional promises

By Dave Henning / May 26, 2015

As Charles Stanley continues Chapter 5 of Waiting on God, he expands his discussion of God’s general promises, subdividing them into unconditional and conditional promises.  An unconditional promise is a guarantee from the Father that has no exceptions or qualifications.  For example, as believers we are guaranteed a home in heaven.  On the other hand, a conditional promise is subject to specific requirements.  God’s assurance to forgive our sins is dependent on our confession of those sins.

Dr. Stanley notes that the majority of promises in the Bible are conditional.  There is a responsibility attached to the assurance that must be observed.  It is crucial, then, for us to ascertain whether God’s promises are limited or general, conditional or unconditional to help us understand whether specific verses are intended for us and if we’re able to meet the associated requirements.

We actively must anchor ourselves to God by claiming His Word and obeying Him.  Dr. Stanley provides seven questions to give us the criteria for confidently taking hold of a promise from God.  The first two questions are discussed today.

1.  Does this promise meet a particular need or desire the Lord wants to fulfill?  Dr. Stanley encourages us to review the promised necessities the Lord enumerates in Scripture, ask the Father for guidance, search the Scriptures, and carefully consider if the promise is one the Lord delights to fulfill.

2.  Does the context of Scripture allow it?  We need to consider to whom the promise originally  was directed and determine whether a wider application is appropriate as well as if requirements accompany the promise’s fulfillment.

Today’s question:  How have you determined the appropriateness of a specific promise to your situation?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Walking in obedience”

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