Walking in obedience

By Dave Henning / May 27, 2015

Today Charles Stanley concludes his presentation of seven questions designed to give us the criteria for confidently taking hold of a promise from God.

3.  Does the fulfillment of this promise glorify Him?  God’s fulfilled promises are part of our testimony.  In this way God makes Himself known to those around us.  Our request must benefit others, honor God and fit His character, and encourage others to seek Him.

4.  Is this promise consistent with His will for your life?  If we’re walking in the center of God’s path for us, generally His assurances will support what He is calling us to accomplish.  God’s purposes for us will take precedence over our expectations of His timing and methods.  When we obey God, He assumes full responsibility for our needs.

5.  Are you walking in obedience to Him?  Willfully choosing to go outside God’s will and meet our needs on our own means we intentionally deny His power and wisdom to help us.  God won’t contribute to our disobedience.  Dr. Stanley states:

“God’s promises are meant to bolster our trust in Him, not undermine it.  He will not sanction disobedience.”

6.  Is the fulfillment of this promise in your life encouraging to others?  We’ve been able to persevere because we see how God worked through the lives of the biblical saints.  We need to be that encouragement to others.

7.  Does the Holy Spirit witness with your spirit that God is pleased?  When the Holy Spirit confirms for us that this promise is for us deep within our soul, we’ll sense profound confidence and calm in our heart.  Although we’ll still face doubts and fears, the Father will restore tranquility to our heart by reminding us of His faithfulness.

Today’s question: Which of Dr. Stanley’s seven questions resonate most with you?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Faith, patience, and obedience”

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