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By Dave Henning / June 14, 2015

“The right word at the right time can be the catalyst for someone else’s miracle.”- Mark Batterson

As Mark Batterson continues Chapter 4 of The Grave Robber, he reflects on another defining moment in the life of Jesus- His visit to the temple when He was twelve years old.  Luke 2:47 (ESV) states: “And all who heard him were amazed at his understanding.”  Pastor Batterson notes that we never can “underestimate the power of one well-timed compliment.  It has the power to change a person’s entire perspective on life.”

When we fixate on our sin rather than on Jesus’ forgiveness, it’s all too easy to forget that we are the apple of Jesus’ eye.  By changing water into wine at Cana, Jesus reveals how much God cares about the minute details of our lives, as Mark explains:

“God is great not just because nothing is too big.  God is great because nothing is too small.  If it’s a big deal to you, it’s a big deal to God.”

Pastor Batterson argues that simple, everyday miracles don’t happen more often because we’re not dialed in to the Holy Spirit’s still, small voice.  We must learn to tune in to the Holy Spirit and obey His promptings.  And when we do, no matter how ill-timed or insignificant those promptings may be, Mark states that we are moments from a miracle.

Today’s question: What Spirit-inspired promptings have been a catalyst for a miracle in someone’s life, including yours?  Please share.

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