Supernatural synchronicities

By Dave Henning / June 23, 2015

Mark Batterson states in Chapter 7 of The Grave Robber that it’s God’s job to set up supernatural synchronicities.  Our job is to see them and seize them.  In order to do this, we must love people when they least expect it and least deserve it.  We must be willing to do someone a favor without asking for one in return.  That will be a catalyst for many a miracle.

Pastor Batterson lives in Washington, D. C.  There the key card that swipes the door of opportunity is your social network.  That scenario was much the same for the royal official who sought Jesus’ help two thousand years ago.  On the political level, this official had access to the who’s who of the Roman Empire and Jesus was subject to his authority.  But in the spiritual realm, the authority of the King of Kings reigned supreme.

While it might seem that the royal official had every earthly thing he wanted, his power could not control and his money could not buy his son’s health.  He recognized that only Jesus had what he needed.  Applying this realization to us, Mark notes:

“Miracles are way beyond our human ability, but they are well within our authority as the children of God.”

Today’s question: Following your vocation loss, how have others been able to witness your faith in the Jesus they need?  Please share.

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