Good eye, bad eye

By Dave Henning / July 16, 2015

“Your eye is the lamp of your body.  When your eye is healthy, your whole body is full of light; but when it is bad, your body is full of darkness.”- Luke 11:34

In Chapter 19 (“Never Say Never”) of The Grave Robber, Mark Batterson begins his discussion of Jesus’ sixth miracle in the gospel of John, healing the man born blind.  Pastor Batterson notes that while the man born blind had numerous words in his vocabulary, he had zero images to match those words.  This was the only world that man had ever known.

When the man born blind saw images for the first time, Mark states that he must have been overwhelmed with visual overload.  Yet, the author observes, the man born blind saw those images for what they were- miracles.  All too often, however, we fail to see the world as it is.  We see the world as we are.

In baseball parlance “good eye” means the discipline not to swing at pitches out of the strike zone.  Biblically speaking, it means to look at things from a God’s-eye view.  Mark states that Jewish rabbis distinguished between a good eye and a bad eye– each distinction pertaining to one’s attitude toward others.  A person with a bad eye turned a blind eye to the poor.  A person with a good eye, in contrast, demonstrated the ability to be sensitive to and seize every opportunity to be a blessing toward others.

Today’s question: During your desert, transition time, how would you assess your vision?  Please share.

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