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By Dave Henning / September 12, 2015

Today John Ortberg discusses the third reason that holds us back from saying “yes” to God’s open doors.

3.  Blindness to the door in front of us holds us back.  As Jonah’s boat sails out to sea, another door will open for him, although that door is heavily disguised.  When a great storm arises that threatens to break up the ship, the professional sailors panic and throw their potential for great wealth into the sea.  The sailors each pray to their own gods.

Meanwhile, Jonah misses this great open door because he’s sleeping in the bottom of the boat.  Pastor Ortberg notes how ironic it is that a pagan, Gentile ship captain is calling Jonah to pray, but Jonah is doing what pagans do- sleeping during prayer time.

Now, the sailors already know that Jonah is running from the Lord, but they assume Jonah is talking about a tribal god of Israel.  Jonah tells them there is one great God- Yahweh.  It is Jonah’s failure that brings the Gentile sailors to faith.  Similarly, when Charles Colson was disgraced and sent to prison, doors to ministry were opened to him that never opened in the White House.  John concludes:

“How many open doors are all around me- someone feels alone, someone waits to be inspired, someone is aching with rejection, someone is racked with guilt- just waiting for me to pay attention.

Today’s question: How have you learned to pay attention to God’s open doors?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “God’s yes is louder”

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