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By Dave Henning / October 2, 2015

In today’s blog, Bill Hybels discusses the second through fifth keys to replenishing our souls.

2.  Family.  Although family looks different for each of us, Pastor Hybels emphasizes we all have a “family” of friends we’ve gathered around us- people God has brought into our lives.  To keep our bucket filled, our family relationships  need to be on the replenishing side instead of the energy-draining side.

3.  Satisfying work.  The author steadfastly maintains “if your job sucks the life out of you week after week, year after year, you will never be able to keep your energy bucket filled.”  We must prayerfully evaluate what truly matters, differentiating between needs and wants.  Pastor Hybels adds that the people he knows who are constantly filled up are quite satisfied with their vocation.

4.  Recreation.  Pastor Hybels confesses he had no form of recreation in his life whatsoever during his first fifteen years of ministry at Willow Creek.  He became so depleted he couldn’t find his way out.  His counselor explained that recreation means to re- create energy and vitality in one’s soul.  It’s essential to install some form of recreation as a “regular stream of replenishment.”

5.  Exercise.  A commitment to good health boosts not only physical health, but our mental health and energy reserves.  Pastor Hybels advises identifying the best hours of our day and modifying our daily routine accordingly.

Today’s question: Which of Bill Hybels’ five keys to soul replenishment are necessary for you to re- create energy and vitality?  Please share.

Coming Monday: the new Short Meditation, “Lessons from a burrowing owl”

Tomorrow’s blog: Customizing a replenishment plan”

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