Deepening your inner circle

By Dave Henning / October 30, 2015

Bill Hybels concludes Chapter 7 of Simplify with a discussion of Jesus’ relational circles.  Pastor Hybels states Jesus showed us how to maintain healthy friendship circles.

According to Luke 10:1, Jesus had a large circle of at least seventy-tw0 friends who were close enough to be called disciples.  Jesus also hand-selected His “small” group of twelve disciples.  Finally, Jesus needed the intimacy of an inner circle, so from the Twelve He chose Peter, James, and John.  A second inner circle consisted of three siblings- Mary, Martha, and Lazarus.  They were “kitchen table” friends with whom Jesus could relax.

Pastor Hybels suggests the following activities for deepening your inner circle:

  1.  Take small steps- don’t dive in head first.
  2.  Invest time- schedule time for deepening friendships.
  3.  Create shared experiences- a meal, a hobby, volunteering.
  4.  Wait for the volley- be sure you’re not doing all the initiating.
  5.  Take off your mask (first)- share a small truth about yourself and see how the other person responds.
  6.  In a crisis, show up- Pastor Hybels states: “Deep friendships are forged in the fire of pain.”

The author concludes: “When you simplify your friendships, you are well on your way to leading a richer, fuller, more joy-filled life.  You are on a path toward a simplified life worth living.”

Today’s question: What are the qualities of your deepest friendships?  Please share.

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