A reason for every season

By Dave Henning / November 8, 2015

“There’s a reason for every season in your life- good or bad, easy or challenging, rewarding or draining.”-Bill Hybels

Bill Hybels concludes Chapter 9 of Simplify with a reminder that “you aren’t in your current season by accident.  God’s hand is in it, and there’s purpose to His activity.”  No other season in your life will be exactly like your current season, and God wants to teach you something during this unique time.

Loneliness is one of the most challenging seasons any of us will face.  Pastor Hybels observes one lesson God wants to teach us is about “the tangible presence, proximity, and friendship of Jesus Christ.”  Without learning this lesson, we might be tempted to let a season of loneliness consume, depress, or cripple us.

Face-to-face relationships also are essential.  We need wise, Christian friends to accurately help us see ourselves.  Loneliness won’t be relieved without relational risks.

Once we’ve identified and understand the season we are in, we need to be fully present in that current season and dive in.  Pastor Hybels adds:

“Rather than trying to dodge your challenging season, lean into it– and learn how God’s strength can infuse your frailty.”

Viewing life as structured around seasons means we’re less likely to spin our wheels in a season that should have ended long ago or avoid change because we fear the unknown.  By viewing life as structured around seasons, we can look forward to the lessons God has for us to learn in our next season.

Today’s question: What lesson do you think God wants you to learn following your ministry downsizing or vocation loss?  Please share.

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