Staying on course

By Dave Henning / November 9, 2015

In Chapter 10 (“From Meaningless to Satisfied: The Legacy of a Simplified Life”), the concluding chapter of Simplify, Bill Hybels begins with the story of his first solo flight, a two hundred-mile round trip from Illinois to Indiana.  During the first leg of Bill’s trip, an upper-level wind disturbance blew his plane way off course.  Bill was hopelessly lost.

Soon, however, a small town appeared on the horizon.  In the center of town was a huge water tower- with the town’s name on it.  Bill found the town on his map, regained his bearings, and successfully completed his first solo flight.

While getting blown off course cause Pastor Hybels momentary consternation, he observes that “getting off course in the big picture of life exacts a far higher price.”  Bill states it’s pointless to simplify one’s life if you’re headed to a worthless endpoint.

Over his years of pastoral ministry, Pastor Hybels has had numerous end of life conversations with his parishioners.  One conversation he’s never had is a parishioner asking him to bring a suitcase of his/her hard-earned cash to the hospital so they can hold their money close to their heart as they die.  When people are nearing death, Bill notes they want to talk about one of two things: (a) whether or not they’re right with God or (b) whether they’re ready to meet the Lord.

As Bill concludes, staying on course is essential to the simplified life.  It’s not enough just to simplify one’s life by avoiding or removing the things that don’t satisfy.  Life must be filled with the things that do.

Today’s question: What Scriptures have guided you in staying on course?  Please share.

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