These days are Glory Days

By Dave Henning / December 18, 2015

“These days are Glory Days.  My past is past, my future is bright, God’s promises are true and his Word is sure.  With God as my helper, I will be all he wants me to be, do all he wants me to do, and receive all he wants me to receive.  These days are Glory Days.”- Max Lucado

Glory Days: Living Your Promised Land Life Now is the latest book by Max Lucado.  Max begins Chapter 1 (“Glory Days”) with the observation that the seven years between the difficult days of Exodus and the dark ages of the judges were the Glory Days of Israel.  God spoke.  Joshua listened.

Max emphasizes that we may need a new season as well.  We just need to get through the week.  Rejection and heartache are staring us down.  Discouragement is rampant.

Pastor Lucado relates the story of a family he saw racing through the airport concourse to their departure gate.  While the wife and older brothers were able to keep up with dad, their little five-year-old brother could not.  Exasperated, he plopped his bag on the floor, sat on it, and shouted in their direction, “I can’t keep up!”

Max understands that feeling and offers words of encouragement:

“Sometimes the challenge is just too much.  You want to keep up.  You try.  It’s not that you don’t.  You just run out of fight.  Life has a way of taking the life out of us.  The book of Joshua . . . dares us to believe our best days are ahead of us.  God has a Promised Land for us to take.”

Today’s question (from the book’s study guide): What are you having trouble keeping us with lately?  Please share.

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