Call on Your Commander

By Dave Henning / December 29, 2015

In Chapter 7 (“Call on Your Commander”) of Glory Days, Max Lucado writes that when Joshua and his soldiers faced the challenge of Jericho’s high walls and protected sides, he had a divine encounter during this dark, difficult time.

Perhaps, Pastor Lucado observes, like Joshua you’re facing a unique challenge.  Like Jericho, your challenge is imposing, strong, thick-walled, and impenetrable.  It stands between you and a Promised Land life.  But you must face it.

When Joshua neared Jericho, he looked up and saw a commander of the army of the Lord.  Max states his message to Joshua was unmistakable: Jericho may have its walls, but, Joshua, you have more.  You have God.  He is with you (emphasis author’s).

A reminder of God’s mighty presence is all we need.  God is near.  We never are alone, even in our darkest hour.  Part of our inheritance is God’s presence.  This truth is certain: God comes to His people.  There are no exceptions to this promise!  Max encourages us to take our eyes off our Jericho so that we’ll see Jesus:

“Look to Jesus to comfort you.  Turn your gaze away from Jericho.  You’ve looked at it long enough.  No need to memorize its circumference or itemize its stones.  Healing happens as we look to our commander. . . . Jericho may be strong.  But Jesus is stronger.  Let him be your strength.”

Today’s question: What Jericho has loomed large following your ministry downsizing or vocation loss?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Walk Circles Around Jericho”


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