No failure is fatal

By Dave Henning / January 3, 2016

“Failure is a form of quicksand.  Take immediate action or you’ll be sucked under.”- Max Lucado

In Chapter 10 (“No Failure is Fatal”) of Glory Days, Max Lucado writes that when we fail, we hear or presume the voices of others are spewing negativity or condemnation.  We join those voices of failure when we disqualify, berate, or upbraid ourselves.  When we do so, Max sadly observes, we sentence ourselves “to a life of hard labor in the Leavenworth of poor self-worth.”

People may not know how to address failure, but God does.  Max states the Bible is written for failures.  God used Joshua’s failure to conquer Ai in order to show us how to handle ours.  God quickly and urgently calls us to get on with life.  Unless we take immediate action, failure will suck us under.  God’s Promised Land offer depends on His perfection, not ours.

No one is immune from stumbling.  What differentiates people is their response.  Pastor Lucado explains:

“Some tumble into the pit of guilt.  Others tumble into the arms of God.”

Perhaps you’ve made some poor choices during the desert, land between time following your ministry downsizing or vocation loss.  Like the prodigal son, it is time to arise and go to your Father.  The apostle Paul wrote of his choice in Philippians 3:13-14 (Phillips): “I leave the past behind and with hands outstretched to whatever lies ahead I go straight for the goal.”

Today’s question (from the study guide): Have your failures stuck with you?  To what degree have you felt trapped in the “Leavenworth of poor self-worth”?  Please share.

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