Dream big

By Dave Henning / January 23, 2016

Following Chapter 4, Mark Batterson describes the first of three prayer circles- dream big.  This topic will be discussed in detail in Chapters 5-7 of The Circle Maker.

Pastor Batterson notes that Honi the circle maker was mesmerized by one phrases in one verse of Scripture: “When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion, we were like those who dreamed (Psalm 126:1).”  At some point in the aging process, however, most people stop living out of imagination and start living out of memory.  Mark explains:

“Instead of creating the future, we start repeating the past.  Instead of living by faith, we live by logic.  Instead of going after our dreams, we stop circling Jericho.”

Mark adds that even though imagination is the road less taken, it is the pathway of prayer.  Imagination and prayer are in direct proportion to each other.  The more you pray the greater your imagination.  And you’re never too young or too old to pursue the dreams God has put in your heart.

Pastor Batterson believes it is a subtle form of idolatry to settle for small dreams we can accomplish without God’s help.  Big dreams are an entirely different matter:

“”Nothing honors God more than a big dream that is way beyond our ability to accomplish.  Why?  Because there is no way we can take credit for it. . . . Drawing prayer circles around our dreams isn’t just a mechanism whereby we accomplish great things for God; it’s a mechanism whereby God accomplishes great things in us.”

Today’s question: Are you currently living out of imagination or memory?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Faith is whispering yes”



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