Faith is whispering yes

By Dave Henning / January 24, 2016

“Logic is screaming no; faith is whispering yes.”- Mark Batterson

In Chapter 5 (“Cloudy with a Chance of Quail”) of The Circle Maker, Mark Batterson sates that drawing prayer circles often looks “like an exercise in foolishness.”  Exercising faith involves the willingness to look foolish.  This is directly proportional to the size of the circle you draw.

Pastor Batterson believes that you have to take a risk to experience a miracle- and rising your reputation is one of the most difficult risks to take.  But the moment will come when you need to make the call or make the move.  Failure to take the risk means forfeiting the miracle.

When God promised the Israelites meat for a month, Moses did the mental math- and the numbers didn’t add up.  Moses had to choose whether or not to circle God’s promise of meat.  This was a defining decision in Moses’ life.  Mark describes how defining decisions lead to defining moments:

“You are only one defining decision away from a totally different life.  One defining decision can change your trajectory and put you on a path toward the Promised Land. . . . And it’s those defining decisions that become the defining moments of our lives.”

By human calculation, God’s will never does add up.  Even though Moses found it inconceivable for God to keep His promise of quail, that isn’t our business.  That’s God’s business.  Our problem, Mark points out, is that “too often we let how get in the way of what God wants us to do.”  To experience awesome moments involves putting ourselves in “this is crazy” situations.

Faith is whispering yes.

Today’s question: When facing humanly impossible situations, does logic or faith dictate your response?  Please share.

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