Make no little plans

By Dave Henning / February 22, 2016

“Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood.”- attributed to Chicago architect and visionary Daniel Burnham

Mark Batterson begins Chapter 16 (“Double Miracle”) of The Circle Maker by noting that you often feel like you are risking your reputation when you live by faith.  But you’re not.  You’re risking God’s reputation.  God’s faithfulness is on the line.  The battle- and the glory- belongs to the Lord.

Mark encourages you to remember that God is for you.  God will answer in His time and in accordance with His will:

“I can’t promise that God will always give you the answer you want.  I can’t promise that God will answer on your timeline.  But I can promise you this: He answers every prayer, and He keeps every promise (emphasis Mark’s).  That is who He is.  That is what He does.  And if you have the faith to dream big, pray hard, and think long, there is nothing God loves more than proving His faithfulness.”

Even when we impatiently feel like God is a step behind, God always is a step ahead. As Mark states, God’s “always got a holy surprise up His sovereign sleeve.”  Mark compares every prayer to a time capsule.  We never know when or how God will answer, but God will answer every prayer.  There are no expiration dates or exceptions.  Because God is ordering our footsteps, we can live with holy anticipation.

Today’s question:  What Scriptures strengthen your resolve to make no little plans, to live with holy anticipation?  Please share.

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