The fruit of forgiveness

By Dave Henning / March 5, 2016

“The fruit of forgiveness is always peace. . . . When we forgive, we free ourselves every bit as much as those who have hurt us.”- June Hunt

Today, in Chapter 4 of How to Forgive, June Hunt concludes here discussion of five key factors we know about forgiveness- based on the example of Jesus.

3.  Forgiveness removes the conditions for grace.  When faced with a devastating situation, such as a ministry downsizing or vocation loss, it is common to struggle with drawing the line on forgiveness.  If we don’t draw the line somewhere, we feel we will be overwhelmed.  Who gets forgiven?  Who doesn’t?

We may believe God has set His standards too high, that we can’t live up to them.  Ms. Hunt emphasizes our quandary ends when we adopt a single standard- God’s unconditional love.  We are freed from the burden of judgment.  We become more like Christ.

4.  Forgiveness is a doorway to reconciliation.  It takes two to reconcile, so reconciliation isn’t always possible.  June states:

“Forgiveness is a doorway, but we do not always get to walk over its threshold.”

June adds that when extraordinary forgiveness is in our hearts, even the peace we think is most elusive is attainable- within reach.

5.  Forgiveness erases the debt.  Ms. Hunt truly believes that if Christians understood how much God loves them and how Christ has freed them (at the heart-and-soul level), everything about life would change for the better.  We would manifest the fruit of forgiveness.  June explains that our challenge is:

” . . . to try to grasp, with our finite minds and limited comprehension, the love God lavishes upon us.  If we could fully experience the magnitude of our forgiveness from God down deep at the very core of our being, we would more readily, even eagerly, grant forgiveness to others.”

Today’s question: Which of June’s five key factors of forgiveness resonate most with you?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Barriers to forgiveness”


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