Quickening of the Holy Spirit

By Dave Henning / June 5, 2016

As Mark Batterson continues Chapter 8 of If, he discusses the quickening of the Holy Spirit.  Pastor Batterson states that it isn’t enough just to read the Bible.  Merely reading the Bible is comparable to auditing a class in college.  You receive no credit for an audit.  As Mark points out, “you’ve simply been educated beyond the level of your obedience.”

The Bible was meant to be “prayed through, meditated on, and lived out.”  The key to this intentionality is the quickening of the Holy Spirit.  Pastor Batterson observes that the Holy Spirit quickens us in more ways than the bodily resurrection of the dead referred to in Romans 8:11.  Mark lists three additional ways:

“Sometimes it’s a God-idea that fires across our synapses.  Sometimes it’s a prompting to step up, step in, or step out in faith.  Sometimes it’s a word of wisdom in a difficult situation.  When the Holy Spirit quickens you in that way, don’t hesitate.  Act on the idea, seize the opportunity, speak the word.”

Mark believes the quickening of the Holy Spirit is  experienced most often when you are meditating on the Word of God.  This quickening can be one word, phrase, or verse that jumps off the page and into your heart, mind, and spirit.  When you come to any verse that suggests pausing, the author suggests that you do three things:

  1.  Underline or circle the verse in your Bible.
  2.  Write it in longhand in your journal.
  3.  Journal thoughts, confessions, and ideas associated with the verse.

Go on to the next verse when you feel like the Holy Spirit brings closure.

Today’s question: How have you experienced the quickening of the Holy Spirit?  What do you do when it happens?  Please share.

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