Scripture’s Rosetta Stone

By Dave Henning / June 26, 2016

Mark Batterson continues his discussion of Romans 8:28 in Chapter 21 of If by referring to that verse as Scripture’s Rosetta Stone:

“The twenty-eighth verse of the eighth chapter of Romans is the Rosetta stone of Scripture.  Without it, much of life makes no sense whatsoever.  With it, we’re able to decipher our experiences.”

In 1799, Pierre-Francois Bouchard was overseeing the demolition of a wall in the ancient Egyptian city of Rosetta.  There he uncovered a 1,676 pound slab of black granite stone with ancient writing on it.  Enter fellow countryman Jean-Francois Champollion, linguistic locksmith who spoke twelve languages.  Champollion took two years to break the code, thereby unlocking the ancient civilization of Egypt.

Because the puzzle pieces of our lives don’t seem to fit together and we aren’t able to view the completed puzzle picture, many of us feel helpless and hopeless at times.  We can’t see God’s vision for the whole of our lives.  Romans 8:28, Scripture’s Rosetta Stone:

  • promises God will fit every piece of your life together in the most efficient, effective, and beautiful way possible
  • unlocks many of the mysteries of life and promises to recycle, redeem, and use your betrayal or injustice for your good and God’s glory

Pastor Batterson encourages you to remember that whatever road you have traveled always starts with the agony Christ endured on the cross.  Your salvation story starts with history’s greatest injustice.  The ancient symbol of torturous death became humankind’s symbol of eternal hope.  Mark concludes:

“And if God can do that with the cross, He can redeem your pain, your failures, your fears, and your doubts.  The cross is the missing piece in the middle of every puzzle.  Without it, we’re helpless and hopeless.  With it, the puzzle is solved.”

Today’s question: How has Scripture’s Rosetta Stone recycled, redeemed, and used your vocation loss for your good and God’s glory?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “The 8:28 guarantee”

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