Warning lights- life’s dashboard

By Dave Henning / August 26, 2016

“We can disregard most warning lights in our lives for a while.  In fact, they can blink so often we come to see them as normal- and we ignore them.  Then one day that area of our life shuts down . . .”- Dr. Wayne Stiles

As Wayne Stiles concludes Chapter 7 of Waiting on God, he states that we know our warning lights are real.  However, we procrastinate.  We assume that because we’ve always had another day to deal with our issue, that opportunity remains well into the future.  In reality, maintaining the status quo perpetuates our problems.  God’s warning lights come because He loves us.

Dr. Stiles notes God waits on us for a reason.  Most noteworthy, that reason connects to His kindness- as Joe Dallas describes in The Game Plan:

“God gives you room to take care of the problem before the problem overwhelms you.  If you’ve been given space to repent, . . . you’ll either use it wisely by taking action while you can, or you’ll make the common mistake of mistaking space for permission to continue. . . .   we tend to be consequence-driven.  When we get away with something once, we’re inclined to think we’ll get away with it indefinitely.”

Therefore, when God waits, don’t picture Him standing there like an angry, frustrated parent- arms folded, eyes glaring, foot tapping.  Just as the father in The Parable of the Two Sons, God waits for us with outstretched arms.  The time gap in which God waits reflects His grace.  God waits for us in painful places.

Joseph’s brothers felt relief.  Finally, their father Jacob released Benjamin to journey back to Egypt to procure food.  But, Dr. Stiles adds, the Lord truly prepared them for something far greater- forgiveness.

Today’s question: Following your ministry downsizing or vocation loss, what blinking warning lights captured your attention?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Entering the ‘what-ifs’ room”

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