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By Dave Henning / September 28, 2016

“Live in God’s love like a fish lives in water.”- Ron Luce

Ron Luce begins Chapter 9 (“God’s Dysfunctional Children”) of Resilient by emphasizing that we need a right understanding of our relationship with God in order to be resilient is all situations.  God made us so that our greatest need is love- the very thing God’s made of.

However, an unfilled craving for love exhibits specific symptoms.  Hence, Mr. Luce describes four:

  1. Failure to thrive syndrome.  Many Christians fail to thrive.  As a result, they fail to grasp the depth of God’s love for them.  They aren’t growing, smiling, full of joy, or eating spiritually.  Eventually, they dry up on the inside and become listless.
  2. Insecurity.  Specific symptoms include always fishing for compliments and arrogance.
  3. Attention-seeking behaviors.  Ron states that when you lack the security of unconditional love, you subconsciously adopt behaviors guaranteed to attracted attention.
  4. Earning approval.  Here Christians become legalistic regarding spiritual rules and regulations.  They try to earn, earn, earn, rather than simply thrive in their walk with Jesus.

Therefore, the author exhorts, it’s time to jump into the ocean of God’s love- the most natural way for us to live:

” . . . to dive into the deep things of God, realize that is where we were born to live, inhale His presence and His love, and learn to thrive in His kingdom with Him at the center of all we need. . . . Learning to live submerged in God’s love is the key to being resilient.”

Today’s question: What fellow Christians encourage you to live in God’s love?  Please share.

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