Dream markers = defining decisions

By Dave Henning / October 21, 2016

“In the plot line of our lives, dream markers are defining decisions.  They aren’t just part of the narrative; they become metanarratives.”- Mark Batterson

In Chapter 14 (“Five-Pound Dream”) of Chase the Lion, Mark Batterson states that every dream journey contains a point of no return.   At that stage, your decision cannot be undone.  Hence, no turning back allowed.  Mark calls these decisions dream markers.

Furthermore, a price tag comes with every dream.  Most of all, that includes hidden costs.  And one of those costs involves dealing with criticism from naysayers.  As a result, Mark shares two ways he’s dealt with criticism:

  1. Don’t let an arrow of criticism pierce your heart unless it first passes through the filter of Scripture.
  2. Decide who you’re going to offend, because you’re going to offend someone.  (Mark’s advice?  Offend Pharisees!)

Therefore, knowing that God goes before you enables you to operate in a spirit of boldness.  Also, that makes every God-sized dream worth every penny, second, and ounce of energy.

In conclusion, Pastor Batterson applies the law of measures to the size of your dream:

“You cannot break the law of measures.  The bigger your dream, the greater investment of time, talent, and treasure it will take to accomplish it.  God-sized dreams require more risk, more sacrifice, and more faith. . . . The law of measures . . . applies to every facet of life.”

Today’s question: What dream markers characterize your transitional journey?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Your destiny predates you”

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