What God does for us

By Dave Henning / October 24, 2016

“We think what God does for us is for us, but it’s never just for us. . . . God is thinking nations and generations.”- Mark Batterson

“The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off- for all whom the LOrd our God will call.”- Acts 2:39

Mark Batterson concludes Chapter 16 of Chase the Lion by emphasizing the truth of the promise in Acts 2:39 rings true for every promise in Scripture.  Hence, no geographical or chronological statute of limitation exists.

Although the Day of Pentecost happened almost two thousand years ago, God stamps no expiration date on His promise.  And God’s providence spans all distances.

However, sometimes we feel our efforts appear insignificant or fail to make a difference.  Pastor Batterson offers these words of encouragement:

“Even when you feel as if you aren’t making a difference, God might be using you in ways you aren’t aware of.  And it’s not the immediate impact that matters most; it’s the exponential impact, to the third and fourth generations.”

In addition, Mark contrasts the words inheritance and legacy:

  • inheritance- what you leave for someone
  • legacy- what you leave in someone

Furthermore, Mark lists ways to measure a legacy.  Legacy is measured by:

  1. lives affected by your life long after your death
  2. leveraging the dreams of those who come after you
  3. your downlines- those you parent, mentor, coach, and disciple

In conclusion, Mark underscores the importance of never underestimating “the power of one well-timed, well-phrased word of encouragement.”  As a result, someone’s destiny may be altered by that one word or sentence.  Just as David needed Benaiah, someone needs you.

Today’s question: What currently is on your “What God does for  you” list?  Please share.

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