Building a mound of snow

By Dave Henning / November 4, 2016

“Art that loves people can be as simple as building a mound of snow and letting people slide down.”- Tom Eggebrecht

in Chapter 8 (“Love People”) of Fully and Creatively Alive, Tom Eggebrecht describes one key to pursuing your passion and chasing your dream.  That key- to love and care for people.  Hence, Pastor Eggebrecht explains the concept of loving people through your work:

“Young or old, there is a way for you to love people in the pursuing of your passion.  No matter your vocation, you can add great value to your ‘product’ through your genuine love for people.  But it must be genuine.  You can’t fake it.”

Therefore, Tom emphasizes, a fully and creatively alive person cannot exist in a bubble.  Consequently, a bubble isolates you from others.  People easily detect insincerity.  Also, special, personal service goes above and beyond to make people feel uniquely welcomed and loved.  Tom elaborates:

“We are created to be in community. . . . made to serve.  When you work with and for people you care about, there is a certain kind of fulfillment that can’t be paralleled.  Making other people feel loved and empowered goes a long way toward creating a dream that will perpetuate itself as people communicate your special passion for them.”

In conclusion , the empathy built into your soul powers a genuine love for people.  Then, Tom exhorts, “follow you heart to the place where people feel loved.”

Today’s question: How have you built a mound of snow to show your love for people?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Try again.  Fail better.”


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