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By Dave Henning / November 9, 2016

“Allow yourself the opportunity to let your dreams grow as the shifting happens.”- Tom Eggebrecht

Pastor Tom Eggebrecht writes in Chapter 15 (“Diversify Your Dream”) of Fully and Creatively Alive that diversifying provides one way of letting your dreams grow.  Most noteworthy, the key involves being mindful of your talents, as accountant Daniel Robinson explains:

“Be mindful of what you’re good at.  Hear what people say you’re good at.  Don’t ignore it.  People don’t just tell you you’re good at things when you’re not.”

Furthermore, creativity takes time to incubate.  Also, refrain from comparing yourself with others.  Comparison becomes an exercise in futility because your confidence breaks down.  When you diversify your creative talent, you become better at your chosen art.  Also, you cast your net farther.

In addition, as Tom observes in Chapter 16 (“It’s OK to Shift Your Dream”), your dreams and goals shift as you learn more about your art.  Boldly pursue what you want.  Consider what you never though you would.  Therefore, as the shifting happens, allow yourself the opportunity to let your dreams grow.

As a result, sometimes your dreams shift in a way outsiders won’t understand.  Dream shifting qualifies as a personal issue.  Keep going when things get difficult.

In conclusion, Ryan Wilcox, co-owner of Lineage Coffee in Orlando, Florida, offers these insightful comments:

” . . . people get stuck in the tracks of following everything else.  People don’t pick their head up and look at what they’re doing day to day . . . . I’m struck by the beauty I see every day.  Put things in perspective about what you want to be doing and where you want to be going.”

“Sometimes,” Tom states, ” that means shifting your dream.”

Today’s question: How can you let your dreams grow so you use your gifts and talents to their fullest potential?  Please share.

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