A place above sea level

By Dave Henning / November 10, 2016

“When your attitude is aimed to a place above sea level, you will not only find yourself in higher places, you will bring others to those higher places right along with you.”- Tom Eggebrecht

Chapter 17 concludes Fully and Creatively Alive.  In this chapter, Tom reminds us that people who pursue an artistic alternative discover a life that’s fully and creatively alive.  In addition, through that process of discovery, many people discover they themselves have changed.

Furthermore, learning provides a foundation for this process.  Growth and learning go hand in hand.  Also, the attitude you choose impacts not only your day, but the demeanor and mood of others.

Therefore, love also goes with the territory of people who live fully and creatively.  As a result, Pastor Eggebrecht notes, you reach out to others:

“When you’re fully and creatively alive, you can’t but help people.  We were born to do just that.  I firmly believe God created human beings with the innate desire to help other people.  It’s what brings fulfillment.  It’s what makes most any worthwhile job worthwhile.”

In conclusion, Tom again stresses the importance of saying “no.”  As one person, only a limited amount of time becomes available to you.  Yet, almost without notice, time slips through your fingers.  Therefore, you need to do what matters.  Go where God leads you in the journey He’s placed in front of you.

Today’s question: How can you be fully and creatively alive, aiming to a place above sea level?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: the Annotated Bibliography of Fully and Creatively Alive

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