The greatest danger to our soul

By Dave Henning / December 18, 2016

“The greatest danger to our soul is not success or status or superiority — but our self-lies.”- Ann Voskamp

Continuing in Chapter 14 of The Broken Way, Ann Voskamp discusses our identity in Christ.  She emphasizes that our identity in Christ remains the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Furthermore,  criticism can’t change our identity in Christ, nor failure shake it.  Therefore, your yesterdays, messes, failures, and brokenness don’t define you.

According to Ms. Voskamp, self-lies present the greatest danger to our soul.  She explains:

“When you listen to the self-lies hissing that you’re unlovable, unacceptable, unwanted, that’s when you go seeking your identity  in success or status or superiority and not in your Savior.  Self-lies are the destroyer of the soul.  Because they drown out the sacred voice that can never stop whispering your name: Beloved.”

As a result, you can spend your entire life trying to outrun those beady-eyed lies.  But then your fears strangle you.  In addition, people always express opinions about you.  Thus, you must live for God.  Ann summarizes:

“Nothing anyone says can malign you, assign you, or confine you.  Your Maker’s the only one who can define you. . . . . Your identity, your security, your acceptability, come from God who is — and not how you feel. . . . When you experience how God knows and receives you, you bond with God, united, and let Him speak your true identity . . .”

In conclusion, aloneness describes on of the devil’s greatest weapons and deceptions.  However, we’re never alone, even when we feel alone.  Jesus cups our faces close.  He tells us we’re not alone!

Today’s question: During your desert, transitional time, what self-lies have you believed?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Grace waits in broken places”

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