Love knows no limits

By Dave Henning / January 16, 2017

“Grace has no gaps and love knows no limits.  Love endures all things.”- Judah Smith

Pastor Judah Smith concludes Chapter 5 of How’s Your Soul? by discussing the third and fourth characteristics of love, as found in 1 Corinthians 13:7.

3.  Love hopes all things.  Authentic God-love functions all the time.  As the author quips: “No exceptions, no disclaimers, no prenups.”  Love bears, believes, and hopes all things.  Therefore, a love that always hopes:

  • means that love holds on to eventual development
  • recognizes we won’t always be in our current situation
  • understands we’re on a journey and we’re a work in progress

As a result, Judah stresses, love must work with people in the rough.  At least on the surface, such people are anything but lovable.  Furthermore, since all of us travel a long journey, love needs to hope.  Just as someone believed in you at some point in your past and helped you get back on track, you possess the opportunity to pass it on to others.  Love hopes all things.

4.  Love endures all things.  Pastor Smith states that “to endure means you don’t retaliate or reject.  However, that doesn’t imply that we ignore sin, hurt, and pain or that we never confront it.  But, we must focus our efforts on communication and restoration.  We never withdraw our love, no matter what happens.

When people test our love and resolve, only God’s love enables us to endure all things.  Consequently, motivated and saturated by God’s love, no breaking point exists.  Because no matter what happens, God’s love is bigger!

Today’s question: What situations make it hard for you to apply the concept that love has no limits?  Please share.

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