Our relationship with God- based on birth

By Dave Henning / January 20, 2017

“A calm and quiet spirit is the result of understanding that our relationship with God is not based on worth but on birth.”- Judah Smith

Judah Smith completes Chapter 6 of How’s Your Soul? by discussing verses two and three of Psalm 131.

4.  “Like a weaned child with it’s mother; like a weaned child is my soul within me.”  King David continues verse two by comparing his soul to a weaned child with its mother.  In addition, Pastor Smith states,  David communicates two things with this verse.  A calm and quieted soul;

  • results when we understand that our relationship with God is based on worth, not birth
  • demonstrates contentment with who God is

Therefore, although God does awesome things for us, our main desire focuses on resting in His arms and experiencing His presence.  In other words, we already have what we need.  Furthermore, we know God will continue to provide for our needs in the future.

Most noteworthy, Judah underscores, our God wants to hold us in His arms- with every ounce and fiber of His being.  He desires a relationship with us and wants our company, like a mother and her child.

Also, Judah adds, God designed and wired you for this- to spend time alone with God; to enjoy, feel, and experience God.  Simply let your soul go there, by the grace of God.

In conclusion, Pastor Smith explains how to let your soul experience the weaned child relationship with God.  Judah writes:

“Let it go into that space where God is.  Think about him; ponder who he is; maybe say some things internally that you don’t say verbally.  Let yourself just enjoy the embrace of your Maker and Creator.”

You’ll discover a relationship with God that revolves around simply being with Him rather than getting things from Him.

Today’s question: How would you define your relationship with God?  Please share.

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