Just keep walking

By Dave Henning / January 28, 2017

“Just keep walking.  Allow your soul to be directed and guided by God.  He is faithful, and he will work in you and on you for the rest of your life.”- Judah Smith

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.”- Revelation 22:13

Judah Smith concludes Chapter 9 of How’s Your Soul? by boldly proclaiming that what God starts, He finishes!  When you’re born, God places you in a process.  Throughout your journey, He sees the end from the beginning.  In other words, God sees the whole panorama!

According to Pastor Smith, Jesus’ disciple Peter exemplifies the perfect journey of the human soul.  Yet, after Peter denied Jesus three times, following the resurrection Jesus addressed Peter as Simon (“reed”).  Judah believes Jesus used Peter’s old name to remind him of when they first met.  Jesus knew Peter was a reed in the wind.

Furthermore, Jesus knew Simon Peter’s humanity and weaknesses- but called him anyway.  In addition, Jesus knew that Peter loved him when He questioned Peter’s love three times.  The real question: Does Peter know that he loves Jesus?

Despite Peter’s human frailties, Jesus lovingly and patiently worked in Peter, helping him back on his feet.  Jesus helped Peter see himself as God saw him.

In conclusion, Jesus’ post-resurrection encounter with Peter contains a message for us as well.  Pastor Smith explains:

“Our souls might fail at times, but our relationships with God are real.  God put this love in our hearts for him, and it will only grow.  Even when our emotions and actions betray us, God knows our hearts.  He sees the seeds he planted in us and the work he began in us.  And he has a plan to bring us to completion.”

Today’s question: What Bible verses enable you to just keep walking with Jesus?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Keeping heaven on our minds”

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