Put on the Lord Jesus Christ

By Dave Henning / February 13, 2017

“Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.”- Romans 13:14 (ESV)

As Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth concludes Chapter 5 of Holiness, she notes that we need to guard against legalism.  Hence, we must guard against making absolutes out of personal standards not specified in Scripture.  In addition, we cannot assume others sin if they decline to adopt our standards.

Yet, Nancy wonders why we’re prone to defend choices that lead us to the break of sin.  At the same time, we show reluctance to make radical choices to protest our hearts and minds from sin.

Therefore, the author advises, determine, by God’s grace, to stay clear of situations where there’s a moral temptation to sin.  Such a “guardrail” provides blessing and protection rather than creating a burden.

As a result, we live in the light of the good news we’re no longer enslaved to sin.  Our response?  Use that freedom to say yes to righteousness.  When holiness matters, you’ll do whatever it takes to guard your heart and protect yourself- as well as others- from sinning against God.

Although mortification seems like a difficult chore, clinging to sin creates a true burden.  The author explains:

“At times we enjoy our sin too much to let it go.  We think we’ll be miserable if we give it up.  But the truth is  that those fleshy desires and deeds to which we cling will keep us from enjoying the life for which we were created. . . .  Not until we mortify- put to death- our sinful flesh can we experience the freedom, forgiveness, and fullness for which our hearts long.”

Today’s question: How do you “put on the Lord Jesus Christ” following your vocation loss?  Please share.

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