Out of alignment with God

By Dave Henning / February 21, 2017

“One of the reasons people have trouble staying on detours too long is because they are out of alignment with God — the only one who can give them the straight line ahead.”- Dr. Tony Evans

Dr. Tony Evans concludes the Introduction to Detours as he notes that detours enable you to learn, grow, and develop as a person.  Granted, detours aren’t always fun, sometimes hurt, and often go on longer than anyone wishes.   However, God accomplishes His desired result, if you allow Him.

Hence, through good, bad, and bitter experiences, God gets the glory as he prepares you to fulfill His plan.  Dr. Evans takes a brief look at each type of experience:

  1. The Good– positive things resulting from God’s will and your good choices.  Even if you didn’t set out to serve God through your acquired experiences, God still crafts you specially to fulfill His plan.
  2. The Bad– mistakes, sins, failures, consequences, and regrets occurring due to your own choices.  Learning from failures and consequences of bad choices always humbles you.  As a result, God uses them for His good.
  3. The Bitter– life experiences that aren’t your fault, such as abandonment or injustice.  yet, God possess the ability to take ” the mess people mess us with” and construct miracles.

In conclusion, alignment provides the key.  Spiritual alignment with God is essential for us to travel our journey smoothly.  Misalignment with God extends detours.  Only God’s grace gives us the straight line ahead.

Often, however, we’re mired trying to figure things out based on logic and reasoning.  The problem with that approach, Dr. Evans observes- “logic and reasoning can only discern within the context of their own awareness.”

Therefore, we must align with God and abide in His Spirit.

Today’s question: Describe your current alignment with God.  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Divinely designed detours”

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